After 200 years of apocalyptic fallout, your group of settlers are running out of supplies and must brave the wasteland to find the fusion core battery to power your home. Upon entering a strange old city called New Oldsburg, in dangerous territory in the Southwest, rumors of a functional fusion core battery bring you to a strange alleyway hiding the entrance of a silo. To your great peril, the silo is sealed shut and you only have an hour before the sun goes down and the city gets dangerous. Scavenge the alleyway to find a way into the silo, acquire the fusion core battery and get back to camp in this Fallout escape room. 

To keep you safe, for the foreseeable future, you will only play your game with people that you know. Outside parties will not be allowed to join you. The minimum number of spots required to reserve this room is 4 guests. 


Check out the changes we have made to make our facility even safer!

Pricing Table

Player Group Size Price
2 - 3 Person Team $35.99 per Ticket
4 - 5 Person Team $30.99 per Ticket
5 - 6 Person Team $26.99 per Ticket
8+ Person Team $25.99 per Ticket