On the way home from a glorious night on the town, you realized an error was made. You’ve grabbed the wrong bag at the club. While returning to the club a sudden earthquake puts you into peril. Now you only have one hour to escape from this ultimate disaster.

To keep you safe, for the foreseeable future, you will only play your game with people that you know. Outside parties will not be allowed to join you. The minimum number of spots required to reserve this room is 4 guests. Earthquake was formally known as Si’s and Mic’s.


Check out the changes we have made to make our facility even safer!

Pricing Table

Player Group Size Price
2 - 3 Person Team $35.99 per Ticket
4 - 5 Person Team $30.99 per Ticket
5 - 6 Person Team $26.99 per Ticket
8+ Person Team $25.99 per Ticket