Your friend has been convicted of brutally murdering his girlfriend. He was sentenced to Execution by Gas Chamber. In his final hour, he still maintains that he has been framed for the murder but no one will believe him. The person who set him up has planted a bomb to destroy all evidence of his innocence. Time is running out as the bomb is set to explode and the gas released to send your friend to his death. You and his closest friends are his last chance at survival. Do you have what it takes to diffuse the bomb, find a way to break into the prison, and disable the gas chamber before it activates? You are his last hope! Good Luck.


Virtual Escape Game Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a virtual escape room is based on the number of players in your group. However, this price is based on brackets of participants and not a set price per individual. Please see our website for information on the exact pricing per bracket of participants.

Though there is no specific age requirement to play our online games, we find children above the ages of 8-10 are the most likely to enjoy escape room and puzzle games. In addition, though you are welcome to play from the same system, if a child is playing from their own system they will need to be old enough to understand how to use Zoom, along with basic website navigation skills.

Yes, all games are run at Central Standard Time. When booking a game make sure to take account for this if your time zone is not CST time.  If you are looking to book outside of a standard available time, please contact Though we cannot guarantee a time frame that will work for you outside of normal business hours, alternative play options may be available.

Unfortunately, as stated on our website UEG does not offer refunds. If you know in advance the booking date needs to be shifted and have bought booking insurance, please contact in order to reschedule your booking. If you are unable to make the booking time, but your remaining players are available, we can continue to run the booking for all participants able to attend. As the game link is available for 24 hours after the game time begins you can request the game link to play it on your own time later in the day, just be aware that in doing so you will have no game guide assistance beyond the original booked time slot.

In order to run our games, you will need to be playing from a PC or laptop; our game will not function properly on tablet devices or phones.  A mouse is also highly suggested for ease of use. Your system should be capable of running Zoom and our website at the same time. In addition, at least a microphone of some sort for your system is suggested in order to make communicating through Zoom easier.

Yes you can! We have actually run games with participants all over the world! All participants will just need to connect to the Zoom call. If you are playing with international friends just remember to keep everyone’s time zones in mind.

As mentioned earlier Zoom is our default communication method for our calls. You should expect an email to arrive within 48 hours of booking that has all of the details for your Zoom experience. At this time we only support using Zoom. If you wish to use other communication software, UEG staff will be unable to support setting up your conferencing software and may have limited accessibility in running or directing your game.

Though we appreciate the sentiment, at this time UEG is unable to receive direct tips from guests to deliver to staff members. However, we do reward our staff for being mentioned in reviews, so feel free to leave us a review with your game guide mentioned and we will make sure to reward them with a tip!

A player is any person accessing our game link or participating in the Zoom call. If you have five people sitting at one PC playing and observing the game, then you have five players. If you have five people playing from five PCs, it is still five players. If you have a small child (under the age of seven) who must be kept near to be supervised we will not count this child as a player. If the number of players exceeds the number of players in your purchased bracket, UEG reserves the right to apply an additional charge based on the number of additional participants.

Pricing Table

Player Group Size Price
2 - 3 Person Team $35.99 per Ticket
4 - 5 Person Team $30.99 per Ticket
5 - 6 Person Team $26.99 per Ticket
8+ Person Team $25.99 per Ticket