Ultimate Escape Day – Escape Atlanta With a Day of Escape Games

This one goes out to all of our fellow Escape Enthusiasts out there. If you’re anything like us, you relish the chance to push your brain to the limit, but sometimes planning a full day can be more daunting than anything. Well, we have a holiday surprise for you! Absolute pros at scheduling, super knowledgeable of the area, and eager to help you have the best escape day imaginable, we’ve gone ahead and set up a full day for you and your team.

Perfect Escape Game Line-Up From Your Escape Game Marathon Day:

  1. Engima
  2. Amnesia
  3. Erased
  4. Submerged


9:00 AM: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with you getting prepped to use your brains all day, we highly recommend starting off the day strong with a quick stop at Corner Bakery Cafe with a delicious pastry and grab some cookies to snack on throughout the day!

10:15 AM: Arrive for your warm-up round with Enigma, and crack the Nazi Enigma Code to prevent an attack during WWII. This room will begin at 10:30 AM.

11:30 AM: Take a quick break, snack on those cookies you grabbed and get ready for Round Two (FIGHT!) with the tension-laced Amnesia. Can you survive the horrors of this insane asylum and figure out what Dr. D Ewen Cameron is doing to his patients? This room is set to begin at 11:45 AM.

12:45 PM:  Whew! Your day is only halfway over, and your brains have sure gotten a workout so far, but we’re not done! Take a break and head on over to the Cobb Galleria for a quick bite for lunch. Big Chow Grill is just up the road and offers an amazing experience of create-your-own dishes, so use those left-over creative juices to work up something truly magical! When you finish here, there are tons of shops in the area, and even the Cumberland Mall where you can potentially even knock out some stops on your holiday shopping lists!

3:00 PM: Fully refreshed and ready to tackle your next room? Good, because now you’re facing Atlanta’s most challenging escape room, Erased. In this sequel to our legendary Hacker room, you must work together with a hacker team to erase all evidence that they were ever in a building before federal agencies uncover not only them but you as an accessory! This room is set to start at 3:15 PM.

4:15 PM: Now that you have successfully decoded the system, we offer you Georgia’s only fully-automated escape room as the cherry on top of your Ultimate Escape Day: Submerged. You have an hour to rescue a submarine team and escape back to the surface in this highly immersive, underwater adventure. This room will begin at 4:30 PM  and swimwear is not necessary.

5:30 PM: Whew! What a day! You’ve successfully experienced a wide range of escape rooms with varying themes, but now it’s time for dinner. As we wish you a fond farewell, we hope that you will head up the street and give Pappacito’s Cantina a try. Some of the most authentic and fun and fresh food in the city, plus it’s family-owned and operated!

Think you can handle four escape rooms in one day? Give us a call to book this adventure and to allow us to bring the holidays to you!