Three Long Distance Date Ideas for Your Long-Distance Relationship

Are you in a long-distance relationship and looking for some long-distance date ideas? We get it, long distance dates are hard. It can be difficult to find a fun and meaningful activity to connect with your significant other period, let alone virtually! We have put together three long distance date ideas for you and your partner so you can skip the fuss of planning and dive into the fun activity!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many things have changed.  Our everyday lives have had to adapt to this new climate in the world.  If navigating the dating scene wasn’t hectic enough try doing it virtually with a long-distance relationship.  Don’t fret because we here at Ultimate Escape Game may have found some solutions and long-distance date ideas.  These ideas will help you and that special someone enjoys each other’s company even if you’re not sharing the same physical space.

First off Ultimate Escape Game now offers virtual escape rooms.  These rooms can be for newly found partners, celebrating couples, or even friend groups trying to be matchmakers.  These virtual escape rooms are easy to set up and can be played in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas.  For the price of 2 good entrees at a moderately priced restaurant, we can set up a zoom meeting space for you and your partner for this long-distance date idea.  Like our in-person escape rooms, you will need to figure out clues and puzzles to complete your mission with a virtual escape room.  A game guide will be in the background there to assist you whenever you need help.  It’s a fun way to spend an hour getting to know someone or even furthering your connection.  For larger groups, the benefits keep coming because we have tiered pricing where the more that plays the less it is per person.  Give it a shot and see how your cleverness with your partner will help strengthen your relationship.

Next, it’s no secret that food always has been a way to connect people.  Dinner dates are a common thing from the past but with today’s technology, we can enjoy a person’s company from anywhere in the world.  Now just eating food in front of the screen does not sound all that appealing, but how about you and your partner cook a meal together?  This not only is a helpful and fun way to build up communication but you’re also learning a skill that you both can share going forward.  The added bonus is that if the meal doesn’t turn out as tasty only you will suffer the consequences.

Finally, an easy go-to in any dating climate is watching a movie together.  It’s simple and tested but too common.  Take it a step further and binge-watch a show together.  Netflix and chill will take on a whole new dynamic when you and your partner are discussing plot twists and character development.  This is also a pretty good test of trust because unlike sharing a Netflix account where you can see if your partner has watched without you, you must believe that your partner is on the same page as you during the show.  It may not be scientifically proven but those that binge together stay together.

Dating can be beautiful, tough, amazing, and crazy especially in a long-distance relationship but hopefully, our tips will give you a little roadmap to help begin your journey or take your relationship to the next level.