The Fire | The Process of Being Refined

Did you know, that there are two common ways to refine gold, one of them dating back centuries, and involving the use of fire. This process allowed a gold refiner (an actual job) to remove impurities in the gold before it was used to craft a beautiful project. I suppose that I look at our fire in a very similar light. We are in the process of being refined. But the reality is that refining takes a long time. And similar to our current situation, it requires a lot of waiting, patience, and expertise.

We have done a lot of waiting over the last couple of months. However, in the midst of waiting, there are some things that had to be done. We needed to move everything out of the building, save, and clean as much as we possibly could. We were able to get a company to come in and pack up all items and take everything that could be cleaned, back to their facility. It seems small but this was a huge relief. It’s true what they say, you never know how much stuff you have until you have to move all of it. So with the exception of a few things such as special props, and other random items, they were able to take a majority of what was in the facility. Things that cannot be cleaned are things like linens and plastic. This does mean that items like merchandise (t-shirts, hats, travel mugs) are a total loss. After they took all the furniture and most of the props, we were still left with a heaping pile of stuff that needed to be moved somewhere (or thrown away). So we got a storage facility, borrowed a moving truck, and moved everything that was left over.

To be honest, not all of the waiting is bad. We have also done some really fun things, like team outings to escape rooms, going to water parks, traveling and enjoying the summer. But the best part is planning. Planning, and dreaming about the new facility. We are basically starting from scratch. We are being refined. This means new rooms, new story lines, bigger and better ideas. We are able to plan for things we didn’t think about when we first opened over two years ago. We are making our rooms more immersive than before. We are able to make our escape facility even more accommodating to our guests. We are designing team building packages for groups, we will have a more dedicated and sophisticaed meeting space. We will have even more daring escapes. We are excited about this new chapter for Ultimate Escape. We are so grateful that the fire was not the end of the UEG story, but simply an integral part in making us better than we were before. We are currently in the process of removing the impurities, before we start crafting our new beautiful project.

We can’t wait to show you our new facility. Stay tuned for updates as we rebuild!