Scary Escape Games – What to Expect

Don’t let the Sunday scaries get you down this Halloween season. Come enjoy one of our spooky escape rooms that are exciting, challenging, and COVID friendly. No matter the size of your group or skill level we have a room ready for you to try and if you’re fast enough you may make it onto our leaderboards.

The spooky season is upon us, and we know that during this COVID-19 pandemic, you’re looking for a safe alternative to your usual Halloween fun. This is why we are SO excited to be open. Halloween is, among other things, our favorite holiday. We spookify each room, working towards a more haunted type attraction during this season. Starting in Mid-September you will find every game is a bit more spooky. With that said, we do have a couple of rooms that take the cake. Dead by Dawn, Fallout, and Earthquake, all give you scary vibes. So this leaves the question, what makes us, a scary escape game, different from a haunted house? 

Scary Escape Game Storyline vs. Haunted House Storyline

While many haunted houses have some semblance of a storyline, we make our story interactive. Haunted houses set up scenes for you to look at but not touch. In an escape room, you are encouraged to interact with everything. You are solving puzzles and working your way through the storyline. Making your spooky experience more real, and far more interactive. 

Zero Physical Contact Outside of Your Escape Group vs. Live Actors

Every game is yours, and yours alone. We do not put live actors in our games, for both your safety and theirs. At Ultimate Escape Game, you only are physically around your group the entire time. Learn more about how we are keeping our escapees safe.

Varied Scare Factor vs. One Level of Scare for All

This sounds weird, but it’s a great thing. Some families love Halloween but don’t want jump scares. Check out Time Collector or Flight 2157. Both are spooky escape rooms, but neither of them are scary escape games. They are both safe for the whole family. If you are looking for a little bit of jump scare, but nothing else, Earthquake and Fallout are a great option for a thrilling escape game. They put you in intense real-life scenarios that give you the heebie-jeebies.  If you are looking for a full-blown Halloween scary escape game with a scary storyline, ghosts, blood, dead body parts, jump scares, and minimal lighting, Dead by Dawn is your room. 

Ultimately, we want to give you a Halloween experience to remember, while keeping you safe!