Breaking The Ice: Tips For Playing Escape Rooms With Strangers

This is one of the most common questions and hesitations that we hear when it comes to booking your escape room experience: will I have to play with other people outside of my group? If you booked a public escape room and your group doesn’t fill the capacity of the room, then you might end up playing with people you don’t know!

Although we know this can be a little awkward at first, our best piece of advice is to just embrace it! Some of the most successful escape teams are actually people who get randomly matched through this process, so we highly recommend you get to know your new friends.

Break the ice and introduce yourself.

While you’re getting ready for the game to start, introduce yourself to your new teammates. Be friendly, extend a handshake, and give them a big smile. Chances are, they’re just as hesitant as you are about playing with someone they don’t know! Ask them a couple questions, like if they’ve played an escape room before, and get to know the people you’ll be teamed up with for the next 60 minutes.

Understand everyone’s strengths and talk strategy.

The key to escape room success is communication. There’s no time to dance around talking to each other, so jump in. Are they great mathemeticians? Do they have a history background? Getting to know each other will help you divide and conquer when the game starts.

With only 60 minnutes to escape, it’s also important that you understand the importance of multi-tasking. If you’re working on one puzzle, make sure your teammates are hunting down other clues. As soon as someone finds something, have them yell it out! The key to your puzzle might be sitting in their hands.

Stay patient and remember this is for FUN!

We know people can get competitive, but remember that this is just a game! Don’t lost your patience with your new teammates. Instead, talk through problems and don’t ever dismiss anyone’s ideas. When someone successfully solves a puzzle, give them a high-five! Bring good vibes to the game and you’ll get good vibes back.

Embrace the new-found friendships you’re building!

If your end goal is to sovle the puzzle as fast as you can and you know you’ll be extremely competitive, we recommend getting your team together and booking a private room. If you’re just looking to enjoy an immersive experience and care more about the experience than the escape, take the leap and book a public room. Who knows, maybe these people will be your new go-to escape room team!