Online Escape Room: What is a Virtual Escape Game and Why You Should Play One

Have you wanted to try an escape room but do not want to leave the comfort of your home? An online escape room is your answer! Not only is an escape room online game a great experience for friends and families but it also can be an effective virtual team-building exercise for businesses.

When I was growing up virtual reality seemed as attainable as catching a unicorn with Wonder Woman’s lasso.  But now you can enter whole new worlds with the help of some special goggles and some hand controls.  The escape room world is now taking a step forward in that direction with online escape rooms.


With the ongoing pandemic, many are still leery of coming out to play an escape room but now you can enjoy a similar experience from the comfort of your own home. We’re not talking about board games no, no, no.  With the assistance of your home computer or mobile device, your group can now solve the same puzzles and riddles inside the actual escape room while sitting on your couch.  So not to get too technical, each aspect of the room is recorded and photographed and then transferred into a program that puts it all together to be streamed to your device. You can see every wall, chair, box, and puzzle just like you would as if you were physically in the room.  This all takes place on a platform similar to ZOOM.  It’s the same type of program that you’ve probably seen advertised when people have team meetings or the one kids are using for remote learning in schools.  Your group will be allowed to explore the room and search for clues.  You will choose a team leader who will gather all the information you collect so the group can solve each puzzle.  You will of course also have a game guide with you every step of the way when you need hints or assistance with an escape room online multiplayer option.


This new type of online escape room game is perfect for those who want to play but don’t want to leave the house. An online escape room is a great virtual team building exercise for large business groups because game sizes can be as large as 250 people broken into groups.  The benefit to those who have never played an online escape room include allowing beginners to ease into the escape room experience without feeling the full pressure of being locked in a room.  Claustrophobia concerns?  Now you can feel comfortable in the spaciousness of your own home. Even the escape room enthusiasts will get to keep their skills sharp with virtual escape rooms.  We can’t wait to roll out this new version of our escape room online games so we can bring the quality of our games to you with the ease of pressing a button.