How To Convince Your Boss To Take You To An Escape Room: Atlanta Team Building

We all get them…that dreaded email invite to yet another really, really boring team building event. Team building has seen its up and downs (we’re all SO over that stupid icebreaker game), but we’ve got a great Atlanta team building idea for your team, and a couple insights on how to convince your boss to take you!


First and foremost, escape rooms are fun. As mentioned, we are all tired of the same old boring team building outings where you spend most of your time in a vacant conference hall and count every minute that ticks by on the clock. Well, here at our escape rooms, you’ll be watching the seconds fly by as you and your team work together to solve challenging puzzles and figure out the solutions to intricate and immersive themes. This is not your average team outing; it doesn’t take an entire day and in just an hour you will learn so many of the strengths you share with your team. Being able to work together as a team is essential to increasing productivity in your workplace–so take the stress of deadlines away and play a game with your peers designed to recreate the necessity of teamwork to completing an ultimate goal.


Now, of course for our management teams, being able to assess their team is highly important. That being said, we can have one representative per room running watching and observing their team in the control room with our game guides! Give your management team the opportunity to watch how you work with your coworkers–do you have one person vying to complete every puzzle on their own? Is there a small cluster of people who work together quickly and effectively to solve multiple puzzles? Is someone taking on a definite leadership role and doling out tasks to others? Seeing how their team works will help management assess strengths and weakness and approach them to give your entire staff the tools needed to work effectively together.  


Now, perhaps the easiest way to convince your boss to schedule a team building outing is this: escape rooms are much less expensive than your average team building event. Sometimes team building doesn’t always come up very high on the list of priorities (but it should!), and you may be nearing the end of the fiscal quarter when you realize–oh no! The team building budget this quarter isn’t too large.


Have no fear! Teams can rent out entire rooms here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta–anywhere from seven to 40 people can play at once! At UEG, for groups of 30 or more, you’re looking at a base cost of $1200 (it only increases if you’d like to have catering or customized gear for your team to wear and remember the event, but you can chat with us about that!) Save money on the overall event and use it towards buying celebratory drinks with your boss afterwards! (Encourage those end-of-year bonuses, am I right? *nudge, nudge*)
You can split up entire departments into small teams of 7-8 to tackle all of our rooms at the same time and turn it into a mini-competition. Whichever group escapes first gets ________! We’ll let you and your team come up with the prizes.


Hopefully, this makes it a bit easier to convince your boss and your team that an escape room adventure is the perfect team building event. Check out our different themes and see their difficulties over here and view our corporate team building packages over here. Good luck team!