How To Beat An Escape Room: Your Top Escape Room Questions Answered

What do you do in an escape room?

Escape rooms are an immersive 60-minute experience, where you’re given a storyline and you have to solve a series of puzzles to find a code that unlocks the door to let you escape the room!

Each escape room is unique! You’ll be introduced to the background story, given a mission, and then the timer will start. You’ll have clues and puzzles that you’re required to solve to help you move through the game. The end goal is to solve a puzzle that unlocks the door and/or completed the storyline.

Am I actually locked in the escape room?

No! In escape rooms, some of the doors are locked, but each entry point is equipped with a door release button for anyone who needs to get out quickly. Whether you feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic, or just need to use the restroom, you are always able to leave the room at any time you need or want to. Our game guides are always with you via video cameras and radios, so you can reach out to your guide at any time if you need anything.

Keep in mind that the timer doesn’t stop and the game keeps going even if you step out!

How do I beat an escape room?

Escape rooms are all about strategy. Just like exercise, it gets easier as you get warmed up and your brain starts to get used to solving puzzles and looking for clues. When the game starts, start by looking around the room to look for numbers, locks, etc. that may indicate a clue. Once you’ve started to compile these, you’ll be able to look for patterns and start solving clues.

Make sure you don’t have all of the people in your group working on the same puzzle. You’ll want everyone pursuing different puzzles and make sure people communicate whatever they find! Something you’re holding might be the missing piece your teammate is looking for.

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Will I play the escape room with other people?

It depends on how you booked your escape experience. If you booked a private escape room, you won’t have anyone else in the room with you (except the people you came with!).

If you booked a public escape room, then you could be playing with new friends! If you have 4 people and the room holds 8, you could be playing with up to 4 additional people. Although we know this can sometimes be a little awkward at first, it’s best to break the ice! Introduce yourself, ask if they’ve done an escape room before (who knows, you might be with an expert), and start to discuss strategy.

Are escape rooms scary?

Not unless that’s the theme of the room! Some escape room companies focus on creating thriller or horror rooms, but that’s not our M.O. at Ultimate Escape Game. If you’re looking for a slightly spookier experience, play our Amnesia game (psychological thriller) in Atlanta or our Dead By Dawn game (kitschy horror) in Dallas.

If you’re arranging a private event and you’d like to work with our team to customize your experience for something a little scarier, please reach out to our team and we’ll help up the spook-factor!

Can kids play escape rooms? How old do kids have to be to play an escape room?

Yes! Escape rooms are awesome experiences for kids. They loved being immersed in an experience, diving in to solve clues and puzzles, and racing the clock to escape the room. We find that our games tend to be fairly challenging for kids under 14, but we’ve had kids as young as 7 escape successfully!

If you’re bringing your family and you have kiddos under 12, you must book a private experience. Children 5 and under are free when you have booked a private room. Children under the age of 14 must have a guardian in the escape room with them and children 15 to 18 must have a guardian in the building.