Get to Know Your Dallas Game Guides!

Have you ever wondered who the voice was behind the walkie-talkie? The wizard behind the smoke screen? Well now is the moment where you can meet our game guides and learn a bit more about the invisible teammate that could be game guiding your room. There are a handful of us, and we all have different interests and hobbies. Without further ado, meet our team!

Brittany, The Fearless Leader

She faces any task head on, which is exactly what happened when she was asked to leave her long-standing career, in the hospitality industry, to be the GM of an escape room. Her family loves to call her a workaholic. However, she replies with her favorite quote “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. – Arthur Szathmary” Brittany breathes, eats, and dreams, escape rooms. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and taking walks with their dog around the beautiful parks in Dallas.

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Male Dallas Game Guides for the Ultimate Escape Game

Nate, The Renaissance Man

Between growing up in recording studios, working in construction, and working in restaurant kitchens, Nate has truly become a master of many trades. He can fix anything out there. In our escape room, he wears many hats, functioning as game designer, repairman, puzzle and prop design, and game guide. He is a musician, writer, game designer, artist, carpenter, electrician, and many more, this is why he is called the Renaissance Man.

Lindsay, The Escape Enthusiast

Having played 73 escape rooms (and counting) in three different states, and countless cities, Lindsay and her husband can enthusiastically say they are addicted. In her free time when she is not working one of three jobs, and playing escape rooms with her husband, she enjoys sewing, watching episodes of The Office, refinishing furniture, and sitting down with a good book and great cup of coffee.

Ultimate Escape Game Game Guide in Dallas Portrait #3
Ultimate Escape game guide #7 at our Dallas Location

Drew, The Table-Top Game Enthusiast

Drew is a game enthusiast, people person, and movie buff. In his free time he can be found playing games with friends, whether he is playing Dungeons and Dragons, board games, video games and or escape rooms. However, there is way more to Drew than just being a ‘gamer’, he is also a movie buff and even went to school to study film.

Nathan, The Ultimate Pokemon Trainer

When he’s not guiding people blindly through escape games, Nathan scours the land in search of more Pokemon to add to his collection. Whether it’s in the freezing tundra or a deep, dark cave, he’s determined to find Pokemon in all terrain. Every now and then, he will take a break from that and watch or attend a soccer game. Go FC Dallas!

A Game Guide at the Ultimate Escape Game
a game guide that is employeed at the Ultimate escape Game in Dallas, Tx

Morgan, The Drag King

Don’t be fooled by their looks, Morgan is a master of androgyny with their use of makeup and collection of wigs.  Morgan is an avid cosplayer as well as a game designer. They are such a massive video game fanatic that they decided to go to school and get a degree in how to make them.

Xen, The Jedi Dungeon Master

He tries to live by Bill and Ted’s philosophy, “Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.” Xen plays Dungeons and Dragons, hopes to be a professional Dungeon Master someday, and enjoys both fantasy and science fiction settings. His hobbies, aside from D&D, include anime, cosplaying, video games, martial arts, and anything Star Wars related.

Ultimate Escape Game Game Guide in Dallas

Eve, The Dragon

With her bright colored hair and funky style, Eve is a loyal friend, fierce warrior who is learning martial arts, and a creative soul who enjoys drawing and sketching. She can hang with anyone but loves being at home with her husband, the most. For undisclosed reasons, she wants to be referred to as The Dragon.

Colby, The Diva Queen

A lover of dance, theater, and make-up, they have a fierce skill set that can rival even the best Instagram Icons. Until you have seen their makeup skills or watched their choreography, you will never fully understand this queen. With graduation from TWU on the horizon, Colby is exploring all options including pursuing their graduate degree in Philadelphia. Don’t be fooled by their sass, under the stunning makeup and beard, there is a heart of gold.

A male game guide at the ultimate escape game in dallas, tx
Ultimate Escape Game Dallas Game Guide

Emma, The Aggie

With an acceptance letter to A&M in hand, Emma is ready to chase her dream of being an Aggie. She enjoys working with children and hopes to earn a degree in Child Professional Studies. She is currently studying Criminal Justice at the Creekview Law Academy. In her free time, Emma can be found at a baseball stadium, an escape game, or at her church.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us, the reality is that we are a team that is passionate about fun, adventure, and new experiences. We loved sharing a bit of ourselves with you, and now we can’t wait to meet you! Hope to see you soon!

– Your UEG Dallas Staff