Get to Know Your Atlanta Game Guides!

Many years ago, a very great and powerful man warned us to “pay no mind to the man behind the curtain;” however, we here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta, we genuinely love the faces behind the screen. When you are stuck in one of our devious and tricky experiences, your only form of help comes from a disembodied voice–but have no fear, we are here to help you put a face to that voice!

And now, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the legendary team of gamers, geeks, and puzzle-solvers here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta!

Kareem, Your Ultimate Game Master

When it comes to getting things done, Kareem is the undeniable master. Kareem is an astounding father to a young son and has years of experience working with people. He is a huge fan of sports–especially when it comes to Atlanta–so be sure to bring your A-game to impress this guide. But don’t fear too much, if you get stuck, he will guide you carefully through the room.

Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide kareem
Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide courtney

Courtney, Dungeon Master

It doesn’t take too long to learn that Courtney is obsessed with anything high-fantasy related. She is a dedicated gamer and loves challenges–both encountering them herself and helping others to overcome them as well. If you bring a D20 with you and roll higher than a 10, she may even let you have extra clues.

Kelley, The Collector

Do you remember the Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy? Yeah, that man has nothing on Kelley. A connoisseur of video games from all eras, a collector of fine statues, and a mom to two sweet pups, Kelley will guide your team to victory. Don’t let her quiet exterior fool you, she’s one of the most lively members of the team. Oh, and that’s not a store behind her–that’s only a portion of her game collection.

Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide kelley
Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide rashad

Rashad, The Coach

So here’s the thing about Rashad: he genuinely coaches sports teams on a day-to-day basis. It takes a very special type of person to dedicate their lives to helping young children and young adults strive to be the best that they can be, and Rashad does just that. He’ll guide you through your room with the talent and finesse of the best coaches throughout all of Atlanta.

Eddie, Lord of Thunder

If you haven’t seen the new Thor movie, you definitely should. You may not recognize him at first, but Eddie is the undeniable Lord of Thunder when it comes to UEG ATL. When it comes to electrical work, Eddie is a pro, and his personality is as full of lightning-quick wit as his work ethic. Be prepared for an incredibly electrifying experience with Eddie as your game guide.

Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide eddie
Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide keelan

Keelan, The Laugh King

We here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta can guarantee you one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: you will never hear a laugh more contagious than Keelan’s. All smiles all the time, Keelan is able to connect with anyone who comes through our doors in such a way that you’ll immediately think of him as your lifelong best friend.

Desmond, Mixtape Master

A young student pursuing dreams of joining the music industry as a recording engineer, Desmond has passion for days and a personality to match. If you can get him talking about anime or game theories, he’s sure to help you escape your room. He’s so slick with his words that you may not even realize he’s helped you as much as he actually has!

Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide Desmond
Ultimate Escape Game Escape Room Game Guide Anna

Anna, Spirit Guide

Our newest team member, Anna is a woman of diverse tastes and interests. She is passionate about writing, performing and is a master of creative problem-solving. Her energy is tangible, and she welcomes everyone into her space with open arms. If you want to escape your room with spunk and flair, Anna is the game guide for you!

Each of our team members are always beyond excited to meet new people, make new friends and to help our teams escape the room with time to spare! Teamwork, communication and fun are our biggest passions, and now that you know a little bit more about us, we would love to meet you and learn about YOUR passions!