Escape Room Team Building & What Your Team Will Learn

In recent years there has been a massive surge in companies opting to take their teams out for team building events. From mixology classes to investigative scavenger hunts through cities, corporate teams are working together outside the office more and more, and here at The Ultimate Escape Game we have several rooms ready to help your team bond.

Now, you may be thinking, “I’m not sure if my company has a lot of gamers in it.” Well, that’s entirely okay! Escape Rooms, while inherently designed for gamers, require the talents of all types of people: from those with mechanical skills, technical skills, impressive memory retention, organization and leadership skills. There’s something for everyone here.

So, how exactly will your team benefit from working together in an Escape Room?

First, everyone has to participate and work together in order to succeed. Our rooms are challenging and are seldom-solved by groups who do not communicate. If you see that communication seems to be an issue in your office space, try bringing your team here so that they have to work together to solve a room–or be stuck inside a room.

Your team is also going to have to figure out when it’s best for everyone to all be focused on one puzzle, or when it is more advantageous to split up into smaller teams to really maximize their time in the room. This helps your team realize that everyone has the potential to be a leader, and voicing those strong talents will help the entire group escape faster.

Third, our escape rooms promote acceptance. Sure, mistakes happen in the workplace–but mistakes truly happen anywhere. Your team may not solve every puzzle on the first try, and here it’s totally okay to laugh about that and work together to overcome the problems. People from different departments may be on the same team in one of our rooms–people who may have never seen each other face to face! This personal experience of teamwork really helps companies to succeed.

Finally, your group will learn to accept feedback and correct mistakes while working on an extremely tight deadline. They only have an hour in the room, and every decision made is an important one because it will either lead your team to success or bitter failure. But have no fear, even in cases where teams don’t escape the room, there is fun to be had throughout.

We have five total experiences here at UEG, and can split a team of up to 40 people between all five of those rooms. This way, you can set up mini-competitions between your entire office. First room out gets an extra round of drinks at dinner! (And don’t forget! If you’re the corporate team leader, you can sit in the control room with us to observe your groups to really see how people work together! It’s a fantastic learning tool because oftentimes, your employees will forget you’re watching. Then you can really see how each individual responds to pressure!)

“Wow, tons of fun. First time visit with coworkers as a team event. It was not easy, but we did make it out of our room with only 25 second day to spare!” -Scott M.

“Corporate events here are great! Rooms are the perfect balance of entertaining and challenging. Great place!” — Stacie U.

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