3 Reasons Why Escape Room Gift Cards Are The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Every year, people open their stockings to find toothbrushes, socks, chapstick, and some candy. At least, that’s why we find. And we’re thankful! Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the thought. But, there are better and more creative stocking stuffer ideas out there. Of all the Atlanta last minute gift ideas, this one makes a great stocking stuffer OR overall gift.

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Giftcard to an Escape Room

  1. Gets people off the couch
  2. Reduces stress of finding the perfect gift
  3. Helps people exercise those neurons


1. Get People Off The Couch – When you give this gift, it basically ensures that your family and friends will get out of the house this holiday season. Although it’s tempting to sit on the couch and devour the Christmas cookie dough, there are so many times when we forget to actually go out and enjoy ourselves during the holidays–here’s an excellent reason not to forget! Take a break from the holiday madness, and spend some time with your loved ones by solving puzzles together.


2. Stop Stressing – Shopping for the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time– so many people, so many ideas! How can you possibly find the perfect gift for everyone? Well, grabbing an escape room gift card is the perfect stocking stuffer idea because it is incredibly easy to do! You can buy the gift for your family and friends and set them up to have a certain amount of people with them–they can then choose the room they would like to do and when! It takes the hassle entirely off of you when you aren’t entirely sure what they would prefer the most.


3. Exercise Those Neurons – Exercising your brain and communication skills is always a treat. We live in a world that is full of confusing information, riddles, and puzzles–but here at Ultimate Escape Game, we turn those puzzles into a game that allows you to relax while still thinking outside of the box. Gift your friends the opportunity to expand their minds and the way that they approach difficult tasks!

Loved your Atlanta escape room experience? Share it with a loved one with an Ultimate Escape Game gift card this season! The perfect last minute gift.

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