Get Back Into the School Mindset: Escape Room as the Ultimate End of Summer Activity

With school time barreling down on us again, many kids are preparing to return physically to schools for the first time in over a year. With this not only comes the usual start of the school year woes, but also a whole new host of barriers unique to this upcoming year. Chances are your kids are more than a bit nervous about this, and need to get back in the swing of being physical, interacting with their peers, and just up to the challenges of interacting with friends face to face again. Though there are lots of various end of summer activities you and your children can do, an escape room serves as a great way to start interacting both physically and mentally. 

Perks of End of Summer Activities for Parents & Nannies

Many escape room companies are offering end of summer escape rooms deals. Even UEG is offering a cheaper Sunday deal and discounts on games played the week or weekend before back to school (depending on location). These offers can help curb the prices usually associated with escape rooms. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for nannying ideas to entertain kids for a bit (just remember most companies require that an adult remains in the room with the children) or a family outing meant to entertain everyone. 

Summer Escape Rooms

So why exactly are escape rooms a good end of summer idea you ask. The truth is escape rooms are a fun outing that combines a mix of in-depth puzzle solving and clue finding and themed atmospheric rooms, all while help rolling all of this in a fun package everyone five to sixty-five plus can enjoy. Additionally, with the timed requirement of the rooms, everyone is given a chance to work under stressful (yet fun) conditions that can help kids adjust back into the pressured environment of school. Finally, as most escape rooms are still private events for many companies, it ensures that you and your child are not overly exposing themselves to large groups before school starts back up again!

With each escape room being a bit different, we suggest reaching out to companies (or exploring websites) in order to find out themes, age suggestions, and room requirements for the summer escape room you hope to attend.  Hopefully we will be seeing you soon at UEG!