5 Tricks to Building an Expert Escape Room Team

Escape rooms are great bonding experiences (trust us, we’ve seen them all). They have (or force) people work together to accomplish a specific task in a set amount of time, and you’ll only succeed if your team works together! Whether you’re a corporate group looking to do some escape room team building, a group of friends looking for an afternoon activity, or a couple who has some communication lines to workout (this is good for that too!), here’s how to build an expert escape room team!

Top 5 Things to Know When Building an Expert Escape Room Team

  1. Build a diverse team
  2. Make sure this is a team of people who you are willing to spend an hour with
  3. Try to ensure your team is clear-headed prior to the escape room
  4. Limit your chiefs
  5.  Don’t be afraid to make changes

Tip #1: Build a Diverse Team

Let’s face it, too much of a good thing can often be overwhelming and that holds true for escape rooms. You don’t want to have a bunch of people who think the exact same way–you need people who are mechanical or mathematical, you need teammates who are creative and riddle-solvers. If your group is too heavily weighted toward one style of thinking, you are going to find yourself at a slight disadvantage.


Tip #2: Make sure this is a team of people who you are WILLING to spend an hour with.

Everyone has a friend or family member that, well yes, you love them, but maybe you don’t love them enough to lock yourself into a room with them and have to solve puzzles with. Escape rooms are inherently slightly stressful–after all, you’re racing a clock to solve puzzles–but you don’t want to add to the stress by putting yourself into a social situation that you are uncomfortable in. Make sure that your team consists of people you can work with easily over an hour, or, to really up the ante of the team building experience–you can challenge yourself to look past your differences and really work together!


Tip #3: Try to ensure your team is clear-headed prior to the escape room.

One of the most important things about escape rooms is that they require clear communication and teamwork. Sure, having a drink or two before your escape adventure can make for a hilarious and exciting time, but you may not actually escape the room. If you are looking to create the ultimate expert escape team, make sure that everyone is relatively sober and has an hour of time where they can disconnect from all other social media or work-related devices that could take them out of the experience. The best way to work together is to ensure everyone is immersed.


Tip #4: Limit Your Chiefs.

It is always great to know exactly who your team members with the strongest leadership skills are; however if you have too many leaders in a group, you’ll run into issues with too many directions and ideas to follow-up on. When you have too many powerful personalities in one room and not enough “followers,” you may run into issues with ego. It’s not at all a bad thing, but it can limit your chances of escaping the room in your allotted time.


Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to make changes.

Of course, it is always acceptable to go to an escape room with a fun group of people. That’s exactly what you want. But if you are aiming to create an expert team who escapes every time, you may need to make changes based on your team make-up. Think of it this way: your escape room team is like your favorite sports team–it doesn’t matter how talented one particular player is if they do not fit with the rest of your team. That one strong person can ultimately make the entire team weaker–so don’t be afraid to have separate groups of friends to escape different rooms with!