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Best Halloween Activities in Dallas

With spooky season in full swing don’t miss out on some great Halloween activities in Dallas! This list of things to do for Halloween will give you plenty of inspiration for a night of family fun. These events range from free to around $70 per person, and have dates throughout the month and just not […]

How to Beat a Virtual Escape Game

Online Escape Room Hints In the last year, escapes rooms have undergone a lot of changes. However, one of these changes has led to a new wild west of sorts, and that is the virtual or online escape room. These experiences are by no means standardized yet, and so it can be daunting to even [...]

Get Back Into the School Mindset: Escape Room as the Ultimate End of Summer Activity

With school time barreling down on us again, many kids are preparing to return physically to schools for the first time in over a year. With this not only comes the usual start of the school year woes, but also a whole new host of barriers unique to this upcoming year. Chances are your kids [...]

Three Long Distance Date Ideas for Your Long-Distance Relationship

Are you in a long-distance relationship and looking for some long-distance date ideas? We get it, long distance dates are hard. It can be difficult to find a fun and meaningful activity to connect with your significant other period, let alone virtually! We have put together three long distance date ideas for you and your […]

The Escape Room Experience

Playing an escape room, especially for the very first time, can be a daunting experience. With every company being so different even a vast amount of preparation can still lead to no help when you are in the room, let alone dealing with the post-room effects. So today we’re discussing escape rooms from beginning to […]

Online Escape Room: What is a Virtual Escape Game and Why You Should Play One

Have you wanted to try an escape room but do not want to leave the comfort of your home? An online escape room is your answer! Not only is an escape room online game a great experience for friends and families but it also can be an effective virtual team-building exercise for businesses. When I […]

Top 3 Gift Experiences in Atlanta: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gift giving is a year-long conundrum; there are birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Graduation gifts… Arbor Day gifts. So maybe not the last one, but with these many other days of joy, you might need help picking a unique gift due to holiday strain it can be hard to come up […]

Top 5 Gift Experiences in Dallas: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Looking for the best fun gift for the holiday season? Give a gift experience with one of our many exciting escape rooms! Even if this would be a last minute gift, the unique gift of an escape room would make a lifelong memory for your loved ones. An Escape Game Drive Construction Equipment Drive a […]

Escape Room Ideas for Home

 Looking for new ways to entertain your family? Try creating an escape room! Our escape room ideas for home are creative, easy, and fun for everyone involved. We have 4 escape room puzzle ideas that will help you craft an escape room storyline in your home!    Come Up with Your Theme and Escape Room […]

Escape Room Tips: How to Escape an Escape Room

What happens in an escape room? How do I get out of an escape room? What escape room tactics should I know before going in? These are common questions you might have if you have never experienced an escape room before. We’re here to help calm your nerves and get you prepared for your first […]

Top 5 Reasons to Bring Your Child to an Escape Room

To adults, an escape room can be an intense challenge to attempt. Complex puzzles on a time limit can be more than a bit stressful. Adding children into the mix can seem even more overwhelming. However, children can have just as much fun in an escape room as adults, sometimes more. The following points might […]

Scary Escape Games – What to Expect

Don’t let the Sunday scaries get you down this Halloween season. Come enjoy one of our spooky escape rooms that are exciting, challenging, and COVID friendly. No matter the size of your group or skill level we have a room ready for you to try and if you’re fast enough you may make it onto […]

Leadership Development: Corporate Team Building Games

Team building games have the perception of being centered around a fun day out for your team, but this blog post will have a different focus on corporate team building games: why escape rooms help you as a leader, not just your employees.  The point of this post is to help you understand why I, […]

Types of Escape Room Puzzles and How to Crack Their Codes

What is it that makes escape rooms so intriguing? Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you have been pushed towards trying escape rooms by friends or family. You might be looking for something to do on your trip to Dallas that is out of the ordinary. Maybe you have played escape room video […]

How to Conduct an Interview

  Have you ever wondered if conducting an interview in an escape room would be effective? You aren’t crazy for thinking this, in fact, we have done this, and have seen this done by other companies! Managing corporate interviews and assessing potential new employees can be tough. Not only are you trying to hire the […]

How To Beat An Escape Room: Your Top Escape Room Questions Answered

What do you do in an escape room? Escape rooms are an immersive 60-minute experience, where you're given a storyline and you have to solve a series of puzzles to find a code that unlocks the door to let you escape the room! Each escape room is unique! You'll be introduced to the background story, [...]

Breaking The Ice: Tips For Playing Escape Rooms With Strangers

This is one of the most common questions and hesitations that we hear when it comes to booking your escape room experience: will I have to play with other people outside of my group? If you booked a public escape room and your group doesn't fill the capacity of the room, then you might end [...]

Top 6 First Date Ideas In Atlanta

Did you land the date? We know it’s not always easy to find the courage to ask that special someone out, so make the most of your time together! We have some wonderful and unique date ideas in Atlanta for you!  We are throwing out your typical dinner and a movie date ideas, and replacing […]

2018 Year In Review

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, 2018 has come and gone and now we find ourselves in the crisp air of January 2019, a time marked by reflection and intention setting both on personal and business levels. For many, 2018 was a year marked by radical shifts in personal direction, opening people from […]

3 Reasons Why Escape Room Gift Cards Are The Perfect Last Minute Gift

Every year, people open their stockings to find toothbrushes, socks, chapstick, and some candy. At least, that’s why we find. And we’re thankful! Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the thought. But, there are better and more creative stocking stuffer ideas out there. Of all the Atlanta last minute gift ideas, this one makes a [...]

The Ultimate Atlanta Gift Guide: The Top 5 Best Local Atlanta Gifts To Give This Holiday

It’s that time of year again! We’re staring down packed department stores with people fighting to grab their loved one the latest and greatest of everything 2018 brought us (in the retail world).   Let’s make this year different! This is the season to find thoughtful, creative gifts that come straight from the community you […]

How To Convince Your Boss To Take You To An Escape Room: Atlanta Team Building

We all get them…that dreaded email invite to yet another really, really boring team building event. Team building has seen its up and downs (we’re all SO over that stupid icebreaker game), but we’ve got a great Atlanta team building idea for your team, and a couple insights on how to convince your boss to […]

5 Tricks to Building an Expert Escape Room Team

Escape rooms are great bonding experiences (trust us, we’ve seen them all). They have (or force) people work together to accomplish a specific task in a set amount of time, and you’ll only succeed if your team works together! Whether you’re a corporate group looking to do some escape room team building, a group of […]

The Fire | Vlog Episode #2

Time to salvage! We're recycling everything we safely can from the fire and moving it into storage for our brand-new games. If you'd like to read more about the fire, read our blog posts about it: The Fire | Dallas Escape Room The Fire | The Process of Being Refined

The Fire | Vlog Episode #1

Join us as we walk through our Dallas store to examine the fire damage. If you'd like to read more about the fire, read our blog posts about it: The Fire | Dallas Escape Room The Fire | The Process of Being Refined  

The Fire | The Process of Being Refined

Did you know, that there are two common ways to refine gold, one of them dating back centuries, and involving the use of fire. This process allowed a gold refiner (an actual job) to remove impurities in the gold before it was used to craft a beautiful project. I suppose that I look at our […]

Escape Room Team Building & What Your Team Will Learn

In recent years there has been a massive surge in companies opting to take their teams out for team building events. From mixology classes to investigative scavenger hunts through cities, corporate teams are working together outside the office more and more, and here at The Ultimate Escape Game we have several rooms ready to help […]

The Fire | Dallas Escape Room

11:27 PM. The phone call was startling. It’s never good when your boss is calling you after you have already gone to bed. “Our facility is on fire”. What? You must be kidding. “No, our facility is on fire. There are 10 fire trucks here putting it out. No one was inside, I got the […]

Get to Know Your Dallas Game Guides!

Have you ever wondered who the voice was behind the walkie-talkie? The wizard behind the smoke screen? Well now is the moment where you can meet our game guides and learn a bit more about the invisible teammate that could be game guiding your room. There are a handful of us, and we all have [...]

People Watching, Thinking Differently, And Climbing Ladders

I love to people watch. Do you? I am talking about a Saturday afternoon at the mall where you can sit in the food court with terrible Chinese food, and you watch people go by. Observe them, their habits, their mannerisms, their behaviors. You may notice the incredibly patient mom who is taking their kids […]

Get to Know Your Atlanta Game Guides!

Many years ago, a very great and powerful man warned us to “pay no mind to the man behind the curtain;” however, we here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta, we genuinely love the faces behind the screen. When you are stuck in one of our devious and tricky experiences, your only form of help comes [...]

Team Building in Escape Rooms | Why They Succeed Where Other Activities Don’t

Imagine you are a part of a team trying to steal a priceless piece of artwork in under one hour, but instead of your family or friends, your team is your work colleagues. This is not a movie, this is a real-life scenario that has become a part of a team building phenomenon called Escape […]

How to Escape an Escape Room | Top 7 Tips and Tricks from the Experts

The Art of Escaping the Room When you woke up this morning, you certainly didn’t expect to find yourself in this scenario. You stand locked in a room surrounded by dozens of files, empty boxes, flashing lights, a pile of keys and a slowly depleting countdown timer. Have you used all of these keys? Which […]

What the Heck is an Escape Room and 7 Other Frequently Asked Questions About Escape Rooms

Maybe you have seen us on Groupon, driven past our building on your way to work, or maybe your friend played an escape room before and mentioned that “you have to try it”. There are several questions and myths that surround escape rooms, and we’re here to answer those questions and debunk those myths for […]

Top 5 of Atlanta’s Best Bars to Top Off Your Escape Room Experience

My, oh my, my escapee friends! It seems to me as though you’ve had a wonderful day of escaping… or maybe that feeling is one of bitter defeat. Either way, go rinse down the experience at one of our favorite bars near Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta. Top 5 of Atlanta’s Best Bars Meehan’s Taco Mac […]

Ultimate Escape Day – Escape Atlanta With a Day of Escape Games

Leave the hard planning to us and save your brain juices for your great escape!

Ultimate Escape Day – An Entire Day of Escape Rooms and Dallas’ Best Food

This one is for all of our Escape Enthusiasts out there – those who plan entire days or weekends around escape rooms. Well, we have an early holiday gift for you.