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The Fire | The Process of Being Refined

Did you know, that there are two common ways to refine gold, one of them dating back centuries, and involving the use of fire. This process allowed a gold refiner (an actual job) to remove impurities in the gold before it was used to craft a beautiful project. I suppose that I look at our […]

Escape Room Team Building & What Your Team Will Learn

In recent years there has been a massive surge in companies opting to take their teams out for team building events. From mixology classes to investigative scavenger hunts through cities, corporate teams are working together outside the office more and more, and here at The Ultimate Escape Game we have several rooms ready to help […]

The Fire | Dallas Escape Room

11:27 PM. The phone call was startling. It’s never good when your boss is calling you after you have already gone to bed. “Our facility is on fire”. What? You must be kidding. “No, our facility is on fire. There are 10 fire trucks here putting it out. No one was inside, I got the […]

Get to Know Your Dallas Game Guides!

Have you ever wondered who the voice was behind the walkie-talkie? The wizard behind the smoke screen? Well now is the moment where you can meet our game guides and learn a bit more about the invisible teammate that could be game guiding your room. There are a handful of us, and we all have [...]

People Watching, Thinking Differently, And Climbing Ladders

I love to people watch. Do you? I am talking about a Saturday afternoon at the mall where you can sit in the food court with terrible Chinese food, and you watch people go by. Observe them, their habits, their mannerisms, their behaviors. You may notice the incredibly patient mom who is taking their kids […]

Get to Know Your Atlanta Game Guides!

Many years ago, a very great and powerful man warned us to “pay no mind to the man behind the curtain;” however, we here at Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta, we genuinely love the faces behind the screen. When you are stuck in one of our devious and tricky experiences, your only form of help comes [...]

Team Building in Escape Rooms | Why They Succeed Where Other Activities Don’t

Imagine you are a part of a team trying to steal a priceless piece of artwork in under one hour, but instead of your family or friends, your team is your work colleagues. This is not a movie, this is a real-life scenario that has become a part of a team building phenomenon called Escape […]

How to Escape an Escape Room | Tips and Tricks from the Experts

The Art of Escaping the Room When you woke up this morning, you certainly didn’t expect to find yourself in this scenario. You stand locked in a room surrounded by dozens of files, empty boxes, flashing lights, a pile of keys and a slowly depleting countdown timer. Have you used all of these keys? Which […]

What the Heck is an Escape Room and 7 Other Frequently Asked Questions About Escape Rooms

Maybe you have seen us on Groupon, driven past our building on your way to work, or maybe your friend played an escape room before and mentioned that “you have to try it”. There are several questions and myths that surround escape rooms, and we’re here to answer those questions and debunk those myths for […]

Atlanta’s Best Bars to Top Off Your Escape Room Experience

My, oh my, my escapee friends! It seems to me as though you’ve had a wonderful day of escaping… or maybe that feeling is one of bitter defeat. Either way, go rinse down the experience at one of our favorite bars near Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta.   Meehan’s – 2810 Paces Ferry Rd. NW Vinings, […]