Welcome to Ultimate Escape Game’s first-ever
Ultimate Scavenger Hunt!

We’re big fans of two things a) puzzles and b) our customers. So we decided to give our favorite customers more puzzles!

We’ve created a scavenger hunt that takes place throughout three of our escape rooms. How exactly will this work? You’ll collect clues while playing the rooms that will correlate with the clues you find in other rooms, coming together to create a riddle for you to solve. Based on your average escape time across all 3 rooms (and the right answer to the riddle), you’ll have a chance to win the Grand Prize!

Every team who registers to play in the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt below will automatically get exclusive t-shirts, designed just for this event!

Did Your Team Play?

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Are you and your team ready for the challenge? Great, we’ll tell you how it works below, but first, read some fine print.

*All 3 games must be completed between June 11th and June 30th.

*You must book all 3 games at once (so we can set up your hunt successfully!)

1. Register for the Hunt using the form to the right. We’ll need your t-shirt sizes and address so we can ship you your swag!

2. Register for the first escape room you want to play using coupon code HUNT5. You’ll get 5% off this room.

3. Register for the second escape room you want to play using coupon code HUNT10. You’ll get 10% off this room.

4. Register for the third escape room you want to play using coupon code HUNT15. You’ll be 15% off this room.

If you have any questions, let us know!


+ What’s the grand prize? If you get the riddle right and have the lowest average escape time of the competing teams, you’ll be crowned champions with custom-designed medallions, your accomplishment forever showcased on our Wall Of Champions, and you’ll play your next escape room for free. Plus, bragging rights. Because not everyone can escape these rooms AND solve riddles.

+ What if we don’t escape one of the rooms? If you don’t escape in under an hour in any of your 3 rooms, we’ll make your time for that room 60 minutes and it will be averaged with the others.

+ Can we wear our fancy new t-shirts? YES! In fact, any team that shows up decked out in their new shirts (and that means everyone is wearing them) will get 10 seconds taken off their overall average time!

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